Featured Work of the Observatory

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Carrying out a study to understand GoI e-procurement intervention and its impact on procurement performance using data analytics

Developed a case study on good practices in public procurement funded by the Confederation of Indian Industries

Helped Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, GoI in selecting appropriate procurement method to procure renewable power

Worked with the World Bank Group (India) to create a public procurement benchmarking repository that identifies better public procurement practices and shares them

Reviewed existing procurement process of the Indian Army Service Corps to suggest supply chain innovations for IT driven decentralized procurement under the ambit of DPM

Developed procurement cost benchmarking and negotiation tools for Weapon and Equipments Directorate of the Indian Army to aid in capital procurement process

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Procurement Observatory Uttar Pradesh (India)

Procurement observatory is South Asia's first such observatory established by faculty members at the Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh in collaboration with the World Bank Group. It offers consulting services, training programs and advocacy workshops to bring significant savings in procurement. By analyzing procurement processes using cutting edge management concepts, the observatory helps its clients to bring about IT led procurement transformation. 

Observatory in the News

Observatory's work with the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy received media coverage

Advocacy workshop organised by the observatory appeared in the media