Procurement Observatory Uttar Pradesh (India)

Peer Reviewed Publication

Do pressures foster sustainable public procurement? An empirical investigation comparing developed and developing economies.
A Raj, A Agrahari, SK Srivastava
Journal of Cleaner Production 266, 122055
PDF available at ScienceDirect

A small farmer’s market choice in the presence of multiple markets: the Indian case
D Pagare, I Biswas, A Agrahari, S Ghosh
European Journal of Operational Research 311 (2), 739-753
PDF available at ScienceDirect

Decision Framework for efficient risk mitigation in public BOT highway infrastructure service projects
M Dhanshyam, SK Srivastava
Journal of Construction Engineering and Management 149 (9)
PDF available at ASCE

Observatory's Reports on Public Procurement

Competition Law and Public Procurement in India

Workshop on Public Procurement Practices, November 2013 

Workshop on Public Procurement Practices, August 2014 

Workshop on Public Procurement Practices, December 2014  

Key Performance Indicators for monitoring tendering Process Performance 

Observations on Public Procurement in the State of Uttar Pradesh : 2011-2013